Youtube Music: Google's new music streaming service!Youtube Music:

Google is coming with its new music streaming service Youtube music that will compete with services like Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music. Currently Google's Audio Music The streaming service will occupy the position of Google Play Music. Free and premium for customers, the two types of subscription options will keep YouTube Music. Advertisement will be shown in the free option. The premium version will be free of ad, and this will cost a monthly fee of $ 9.99. Customers will get more exclusive video content, including original songs, covers, live performances, which will not be found on any other site.

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. Similarly, in the audio-music industry, there are exceptionally challenging. Besides, Apple's music service and their ecosystem have also received great appreciation for the customers. But in some developing countries in Asia, only a large part of the subscriber ha Google Play Music Services will also be merged with the video, as well as audio content can be enjoyed. At the same time, people who are receiving Play Music Services will be given a YouTube Music Premium account. Youtube's premium streaming service Youtube Red will be renamed to YouTube premium. 

YouTube subscriptions will cost $ 11.99 for new subscribers, and those current subscribers will continue to use $ 9.99 in return for the month.Both types of subscribers will get YouTube music access. Google will use YouTube's music ( to assist music based on their habit and location using their assistants and artificial intelligence. Google is saying this "Deeply Personalized Experience". You can play music or video in the background if you want premium YouTube music for new YouTube music like YouTube Red

. This feature is blocked by the common YouTube app because Google earns money by showing the free YouTube customers. Currently there is no equivalent of YouTube in the video streaming industrys access to free streaming music on YouTube. So it has been introduced to give more personalized experience to capture this big market of music. Initially the YouTube Music will be launched in USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea

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