Saturday, June 2, 2018

Facebook, YouTube day ends, new surprise 2018

Facebook, YouTube day ends, new surprise.

Users, behind popular apps like Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, Appetic token of the use of China's video cellphones has been topped by choice. Sensor Tower, a US tech research firm, said the app was the most downloaded iPhone on the first three months of the year. So far, the app has been downgraded to 4 million 48 million times in the world. Khabar BBC Bangla. The 'Tick tok' app has been created by the company named bytedance, founded by 34 year old entrepreneur Jahang Yiming. The original concept of this app is revealed in September 2016. It was very easy, users can create 15 seconds of short music content, where many effects can be added.

The idea is not new, but the tick-cock has been used properly. Jiguan, the research institute, says that this app is used on at least 14 percent of the total smartphone usage in China. However, as well as it works on the iPhone, Android phones do not get that much good work. The reason may be that Google's distribution platforms in mainland China do not work because Google's services in China are banned. However, the goal of TICK TOK is not only in China. The app is spreading in several other countries, including Japan. Most of the users under 24 years of age are now using this app. As well as young people in South East Asian countries became popular with Tick Tok. At least one third of the 18 to 24-year-olds use the young app.

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