How to Learn Apps Development And Earn Money Part -2

How To Learn Apps Development And Earn Money Part -2

Today I'm going to start the first step of Apps development. My writing is from the very first to those who do not know anything about it. I'll teach you how to make an app easily and how to make your ads sit there. Before we talk about this method of income. You see the different types of applications in the Play Store and we see that when we use these applications, Google offers different types of advertisements based on the ad, Google Application offers money to the owner. Now you think that the money is seen in the advertisement? No There are some rules that I will tell you in the episode.Now you have a question, where do you find ads to show in your application? I have nothing to worry about. To show ads on your apps, you need to have an account in Google's site, I will name the site and in the next part I will show how to do the account.

 I will give site link down to those who will be able to account. Those who can not, I will show in the next part An Admob Account To Work For Us An Adsense Account First we need these two things. After that I will show you how to put these ads in the app and do it in. 
So today's up until now I will post an Admob and Adsense account opening in the afternoon! Can not comment on anything
.Admob (Link)
Part -1

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