Where is Our Humanity ? Slapping The old man Only 10 taka ?

          Mama will pay 10 Taka For Iftar.? "If you give me your father," Rafik uncle is standing low on his head. Removing the Sweat with the towel started removing again. Looking back, her tears came, she kept Ricshaw fasting, Today, the old man could not get money according to the demand, so he asked 10 more than the government servant Chowdhury Sahib.

The great words of Chaudhary Saheb frustrated him, "Do not give money to your father" but at the same time he sacrificed an item worth 11 rupees. Water came to my uncle's eyes. Erase the eyes with the towel and then fell to his work. Here Chaudhry Sahib and Rafik uncle are two fantasies, but thousands of such incidents occur every minute.                   

. Thousands of Chaudhary Sahib People are being confused with human society. Not only Chowdhury, you and one of them, Why would you be poor if brother 10 Taka? Why are we people? It does not hurt to burn 10 rupees, but we do not agree to give her the amount she deserves after earning her gum on her head.

 That day, Rafiq uncle was going home, there was no rickshaw except Rikasa in the street, at around 11 pm Rakib Sahib and returning home. Will this riksa go? Rafiq uncle will go. When Rakib came in front of the house, then Rakib Sahib How much money? Rafiq uncle is 50 rupees Sir So everyone wants 80 rupees at night, why you want 50 rupees? With a laughing laugh, Sir ricksa is used for stomach stomach, not for the expensive car, sir, today my money has become like the demand is not needed today, when I can not do it fasting then I will pay 10 taka extra. Rakib looked surprised by the surprise. After a while Rakib said, how much money has been made today? Alhamdahahlilah 350 rupees Sir

 In fact, they will not build a big building or house with your money, they want to eat a little food, do a little by not neglecting them, make a smile on their faces, delete the tears. These three types of people live in our communities 1: Rafiq uncle 2: Chowdhury sahib 3: Rakib Sahib There is another class of people in our society, Those who stand to see the whole thing but do not have the power to do anything. The words are very bitter, but the ruthless real, the old things are new, the people are old, the question is new again! (They are not people? They do not have the appetite?) Answer your conscience! Allah hafiz . If something goes wrong, forgive me. 

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