Sunday, July 15, 2018

“Youtube new Copyright Match Tool” Its important A youtube chanel |

 “Youtube new Copyright Match Tool” For Youtube Video makers To Stop Their Video theft .
Its important A Youtube chanel.
Youtube New copyright match Tools 

 •'Youtube New Copyright Match Tool' brings you to YouTube. YouTube has a new feature”called 'Youtube new Copyright Match Tool'. This allows YouTube's video makers to stop their video theft. That means, no one can upload their uploaded video illegally. The information was posted on a YouTube blog post.

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 •If you upload new videos through this new tool, then scan it will see YouTube. It will be seen whether there is a video uploaded to the YouTube platform with the uploaded video. If that video matches, a tab called 'Matchless' will appear. YouTube authorities have said that for one year the experiment with the “Youtube New copyright match tool”is being done to prevent the re-upload of content illegally. A long time has been conducted to make the tool safer, efficient and useful to the entire community.

 •If new content is matched with any previously uploaded content, then the original uploader can contact the new uploader or you can request that YouTube remove the video. Those who have more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, they can use the new feature from next week.

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