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Best 2 Action Camera Full Specification and price

Best 2 Action Camera Full Specification and price 2019-20

Who does not like to keep memories? Cameras have the biggest role to play in keeping joy, tension or emotional time. Generally, mobile phone cameras are prominent in this case. But mobile phone cameras can not be used all the time. For example, let's say you have a bike ride or a video while riding. But your two hands are busy. Here you will fulfill your desire Action Cemera Because the action camera is small in size, the video can be captured by helmets or bike handles.

Now there are low-cost action cameras available in the market. Xioami YI Action Camera and Remix SD-02 are two popular action cameras in Bangladesh market.

Best 2 Action Camera Full Specification and price

Best 2 Action Camera Full Specification and price

Xioami YI Action Camera:

It is a small camera weighing about 77 grams. Sony's 16 megapixel image sensor has been used. The 155 degree Ultra Wide Angle Glass Lens has been given. Can be video under water using water proof cover. Buy the cover separately. With the 1010 mAh battery, you can make high-definition video up to 90 minutes. Because there is no display in the camera, the settings should be set through mobile apps. Micro SD card can be used up to 64GB. The camera can be purchased between six and seven thousand taka.

Remix SD-02:

It's just a camera weighing 45 grams. The camera can be done with 4K resolutions. 155 degrees wide angle lens has been used. There is a 2-inch display on the back, which will be seen after recording the video. 1050 mAh battery is provided, which can be recorded for up to 80 minutes of video recording. There are many more accessories including the waterproof cover inside the camera box. These cameras can also be found between 6 to 7 thousand taka.


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