Monday, August 13, 2018

Do this Work Just 3 minutes before sleeping! Dont miss it.

Just 3 minutes before sleeping? tips 

Only 3 minutes for yourself At the end of the day, it will be possible to find out this time. Every kind of work is done in the care of your face everyday.

Going to the parlor, you can spend only 3 minutes a week before going to bed at night without spending a lot of money on weekends. If you do this before going to sleep at night, you get fresh, bright and glowing appearance every morning. Eyelashes ink, black spots on the face. Face will be bright and fair!

There is no need for any material, very expensive. Immediately, you can take care of this process by providing simple cosmetics in your home. And yes, this will not only make you look beautiful from outside. You will feel better from inside.


1 tablespoon of rose water, 3-4 grams of saffron, pure aloe vera gel semi-teaspoon, little warm hot water, 1 table spoon black pepper, 1 table spoon honey

Usage method:

Keep the grinding of saffron in the rose water. If you want to be soaked beforehand. The more the wetting, the more it will be effective.

If the saffron leaves the color, then add aloe vera gel to this mixture. Mix well.

Wash the mouth with cold water and mix it well with a piece of cotton.

Wait until the plaques placed on the face dry.

At this time, one glass of saffron and honey mixed in a little warm water and went to sleep.


Jafaran is a very effective element to remove skin color and to remove black spots from skin. Jafaran does not work only from outside, it also helps to increase the skin of the skin. And when this saffron is eaten with honey, its effectiveness multiplied.

On the other hand, aloe vera gel is a very effective element to keep the skin taut, soft and stain. Aloe vera gel refreshes the skin, which lasts for hours. Vitamin E rich aloe vera gel helps to cure any corrosion of the skin.

The most primitive material in Rupporchers is rose water. Regular use of the skin softness is unaffected and the skin of the skin is multiplied!

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