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Huawei P20 Pro, the best Camera Phone Full Price 2018

Huawei P20 Pro, the best Camera Phone Full Price 2018-19 


Always respected the Pyra series of Huawei for the camera. The new model is no exception.

With one or two, three backed cameras and eye-colored body P20 Pro Huaweck took another height. But the performance, especially the three cameras, is not really what it is, it is difficult to say without using the phone.


Huawei P20 Pro, the best Camera Phone Full Price 2018

  • At one glance, Huawei P20 Pro

  •     Dual SIM

  •     6 inches-inch ammo display, 2240 x 1080 pixel resolution, dancing
  •     Hyalilikon Kirin 970 OCTA Processor
  •     Mali G772 MP 12 Jeep
  •     6GB RAM
  •     128Gb storage
  •     Android 8 OS OS, operating system, EMUI 8.1 interface
  •     Three back cameras: F / 1.8 Aperture 40 megapixel camera, F / 1.6 aperture 20-megapixel black camera, F / 2.4 aperture 8 megapixel 3x zoom camera
  •     Fourte Video, 960 FPS Slow Motion
  •     24 megapixel selfie camera, aperture f / 2.0
  •     4000 mAh battery, Huawei's own Fast Charging
  •     UESB Type C port
  •     Headphone jack is not there
  •     Fingerprint sensor

 Huawei P20 Pro Design:

Glass back in front, and P20 Pro made of aluminum body is all about making eye contact. The purple color of the phone, like a rainbow, will tell from a distance that it is Huawei P20 Pro.

There are three cameras behind it, and the Huawei logo, the Lica logo, and the specification of the camera that are in the same line with the camera. There is a big question about how logical the writing of the two lines is behind the phone.

The front display is the dance. There are Selfi cameras and earpies in the middle of the dance. But that does not mean that the basel was dropped, the fingerprint sensor has been shown in the fatty belges below the display. Even if there was a need for nails even after the bezel, there are questions about it. Maybe Huawei thinks, Nach will be a new fashion.

The phone is dirty due to the heavily polished glass on either side. Fingerprints will be floating in front of the front. Creating is very good, design is very different from everyone.


The phone will first see the vertical display. Though the figure is 6 inches inches, its ratio is 19: 9, and the resolution is 2240 x 1080 pixels. Amode technology used to make panels Brightness 518 knit display, which is equivalent to other flagships. Contrast is also like to compare with other Oleed or amode panels.

But compared to other flagship quad HD resolutions, the Full HD Plus resolution is slightly backed up, although it will not be seen if you do not see the VR content. The color balance of the display is very perfect, which is important for the camera phone.

The main issue of the display can be called the dance noch. The Black Statsbar has the advantage of hiding nook, although it is doubtful of how much work it is. If there is no problem in the cut part, then the P20 display will be on display in Qatar.



Huawei's own Kirin 970 processor is very strong and it is not doubtful. But today's flagship processor will not be able to with Snapdragon 845 or Xins 9810. That means that the phone does not slow or lag, it does not bother to run the app.

Performance difference in the flagsships is difficult to get out of the benchmark nowadays, so it can be shortened, P20 pro gaming or heavy app running will be in the performance, it is not uncommon.

It has a Cortex A73 Performance Corps and a Cortex 53 Battery Charger. In two, Kirin 970 gave 1900 singlescore scores and 6,600 multicore scores in Geekbench. Performance can be compared with the Snapdragon 835.

For high definition games, such as PUBG or Real Racing 3, 40 to 50 FPS will be available. Mobile is enough for gaming, but for multiplayer professional gaming, the phone is not enough. Mali G772 will not be able to match with 12 GPU Qualcomm Adreno 630.

There is enough amount of RAM for multitasking. Especially with powerful processors, you can easily run multiple apps with up to 6GB of RAM.

Battery life

Because of the AI battery management with 4 thousand mAh capacities battery, the Huawei P20 Pro can easily give 1 to 2 days battery life. Huawei's own fast charging technology allows the battery to charge the full charge in half an hour. The problem is one, it will require Huawei's own cable and charger.

Sound quality

Superior sound, but volume deficit. In short, this is the Huawei P20 Proud Sound Quality. There is no way to use direct headphones. Dunn to use, so charging and listening to music will not be together. Better to use Bluetooth headphones, there will be problems with volume.


Huawei's own interface, the emoticon UI is very different from the stock of Android. Large icons, lots of white color, and Huawei has its own apps. AI has been used for performance and battery life. Before buying a phone, you must check whether EMUI is looking like.


The main attraction of the phone is its camera suspect. The original resolution of the three cameras is 40 megapixels, but the full resolution should not be used. The camera pixels are arranged in such a way that it can take the maximum amount of light, so use 10 megapixel resolutions.

The quality of each picture taken in the original camera is surprising.

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