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Samsung galaxy J6 high perfomance mobile phone full Review

  •  Samsung galaxy J6 high perfomance mobile phone full Review
Samsung is trying to make its position even stronger in the medium-priced smartphone market.

Samsung has introduced a new model handset in that series. The price of the Galaxy J6 phone is worth 21 thousand 900. The number of phones in the market is so much in the budget. Let's see how Samsung brings innovation to highlight itself.

 Samsung galaxy J6 high perfomance mobile phone full Review

  • At one glance, Samsung Galaxy J6 (018)

  •     Dual SIM, 4G
  •     Long amounts of 18.5: 9 ratio, Super AMOLED display, resolution 1480 x 710 pixels, size 5 inches 6 inches
  •     Samsung Exynos 7870 octao processor, speed 1.6 GHz, technology cortex at 53
  •     Mali T830 MP 1 ZP
  •     3GB DDR 3 RAM
  •     32GB storage
  •     Different slots for using a memory card
  •     Android 8 OS operating system
  •     Samsung Experience 9 Interface
  •     WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.2, gps
  •     FM radio
  •     The original camera is 13 megapixels, F / 1.9 aperture
  •     Selfie camera 8 megapixel, F / 1.9 aperture
  •     1080 pixel full hd video support
  •     MicroUSB port, headphone jack, OTG support
  •     Back fingerprint sensor
  •     3000mh capacity battery

Sumsung galaxy J6 Design

The phone will look at its first appearance through its fancy look. The basel below and above the display is right, but the home button is too narrow to eliminate. The phone's body is made of plastic. There is no way to open the back panel. On the right side there is a power button and left button volume, sim tray and memory card tray. In the center of the back there is a camera with a fingerprint sensor. The front camera also has flash as well.

Volume buttons are two separate, not a big button like other phones. The position of the fingerprint sensor will be a little problem with those whose hands are small. The funny thing is that the phone's speaker is not behind or below, but on the right side. Being on top of the power button can be hand-operated.

The whole phone design is not just premium. Although the quality of manufacture is good enough, there is no possibility of slipping.

 Sumsung galaxy J6 Display

Super AMOLED display is on the Galaxy J6 phone. But its resolution is 1480x720 pixels. The lengthy display ratio is 18.5: 9. The nice contrast display does not show exaggerated color like other Samsung phones.

Brightness can be completely reduced to use in the dark, and it can also be extended to the outdoor mode for sunlight use. The display's size is 5 inches inches, but it is slightly longer than the width of the display.

The phone does not have any light sensor, so the brightness of the display will be set by itself. Brightness should be increased before going to bed light, otherwise the display can not be shown.

Sumsung galaxy J6 Performance

Samsung's own Exxon 7870 octaos processor has been released. The speed of which is 1.8 GHz Technology used in the Cortex at 53 The daily work was seen to be done very quickly, but the heavy app is running, shutting down and the installation time is a bit lagging behind.

Although many apps are running, there is no problem with the log. RAM has been given 3 gigabytes. There is a storage of 32 GB, if you want to increase it with microSD card. Playing performance is not bad, but to reduce the quality of the graphics to run high definition games.

It is difficult for most phones to run two apps simultaneously or to keep the video floating, but it is interesting that even with medium-quality hardware, the Galaxy J6 is able to do it.

According to Gikbench, its singellaco performance is about 700 points, and the performance of Multicore 2400 to 2700 points. Anatu Benchmark gave 66 thousand points

 Sumsung galaxy J6 Camera

The camera of medium-priced Samsung devices is getting better day by day. Dual cameras are not there, there is a 13-megapixel sensor behind the aperture F / 1.9. The speed of the photos is very fast, the images of moving objects will not be too thick. Performance is not bad in low light, especially in the low volume.

Even when the picture is available in the light of the day, the color depth is less. If there is a dark or extra bright part in the scene, then the phone will be able to absorb exposure to the image. The 8 megapixel front camera is aperture F / 1.9, with Portrait mode. There was also a weakness in the shadow of the shelf camera.

Galaxy J6's vulnerability to the camera is not in this exposure, but in dynamic range. In the film, especially in the sky, there is a tendency to fly in color completely.

Expecting good performance on video is wrong. There are details, there is fast focus. But the problem is in dynamic range and exposure, but there is a lack of horrible stabilization. If you use stand instead of hand, then it can be used for video, otherwise it is not.

Other features include direct camera app sticker, fax filter and beautification.

Sumsung galaxy J6 Sound
The most surprising feature of the phone is its sound. Very strong, clear and high fidelity sounds can be found in this. Headphones have to raise the quality of the sound, Dolby Surround, the facility of fixing the equalizer directly from the system, and the sound tune-up feature with the user's ear. The phone is a good device to listen to music

.Sumsung galaxy J6 Battery

The battery of 3000 mAh battery will be able to backup at least two days. The screen will continue to be used for 8 hours or more. This backpack was found by messenger, facebook, gaming for a few hours. Power saving is provided in two modes, in which it is possible to get back up to 4 days in maximum save mode.

Charging is a major problem. Do not spend more than two hours due to no fast charge, to charge the full battery.

Although the design and battery life is ahead, the Galaxy J6 phone will get the speed to match the other phones priced at this price. Do not give stabilization in camera, lack of dynamic range, absence of fast charging. Resolutions of the display are also thought of.

However, Samsung's interface is very advanced. Accumulating data saved apps include Samsung Max, shortcut shortcuts for easy multitasking, and the necessary battery life settings to make the phone work everyday.

Good at a glance

  •     Design
  •     Battery life
  •     Cellphone camera
  •     Sound

Bad at a glance
  •     Charging Slow
  •     Dynamic Range of the original camera
  •     The video shudder
  •     Resolutions of the display

The price

The price of the phone in the country market is21900 tk
*      Conclusion:
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