Monday, August 13, 2018

Love to take a SELFIE? Be careful, its Damage your Life > Before Take a Selfie

Love to take a SELFIE? Be careful, may be care full mybe Damage your Life > tips

Personal report: Wonders to say 'Hello' or 'good morning' to friends on social media. The bus ... with the mobile camera on the same front, put it in front of the face, Posted photos in social media Feeling in the office work, take a little look and see how you feel! On the mobile camera, put it in front of the face and click again.

·      There is a shopping mall on the date, a selfie by tapping one another very close to each other (never catching). Weekend and went to a restaurant, there was not a single celli in the Mayawi light! Just like that, sometimes, sometimes, eyebrow dancing, and looking at the other side ... for many reasons, the self-evacuation continues in different ways.

Do you have such a habit?
But be careful now! Dermatologists say that the consequences of such excessive attraction towards cellifi can be very harmful for our skin. Repeatedly due to the release of the cellphone light and radiation directly on the face. This may result in skin irritation. As a result, he looks older than now.

According to British dermatologist Simon Joakaki, doctors can say that if you face any side of the face, you can take a cell phone in the right direction.
Those who have taken too much shelf now get alert.
The blue light emitted from the smartphone screen is also harmful for our skin.

Jane Obagio, a dermatologist at the US Institute of Obamie Skin Health Institute, is one with Simon.
He said, "Electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones (electromagnetic radiation) destroys DNA structure of the skin. 

The result is that the skin bleats on the skin. The facial skin became rotten, rough. Also, the effect of the magnetic field of light is lost in the balance of the skin. "Therefore, to prevent the publication of childhood in an old appearance, prevent yourself from taking excessive cellphones.

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