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 Low-budget Android phones slow down to use for a few months. Especially due to lack of hardware and RAM and optimization of app optimization, these problems have to be addressed.

As a , many customers have to buy the low cost Android phone

Thinking about these customers, Google brings a special edition of the Android operating system to the market. Whose name is Android Go Let's know about this operating system.


What is Android?

Android is a lightweight version of the popular Android operating system. To run this operating system, there is a need for lesser hardware than the original Android.

This attempt of tech giant to connect all types of people in the least developed and developing countries to the profession of all kinds of Google service. Last year, Android GO was announced to bring the market.

Which type of device is Android compatible?

Only 512 MB of RAM can be used easily on Android phones. Originally created from 512 MB to 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB and 16 GB of storage, the OS is specially designed for use.

The Android version of Android can be 15 percent faster than any other app can handle. It has data saver options. As a result, users will get maximum internet access in relatively low data

There are special apps feature
Google has the advantage of allowing users to enjoy all of Google's apps on low hardware devices. So the apps 'Go' version has also been brought along with OS.

There are nine Google special apps in the Android Go smartphones. These are Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, JibGo Go, Google Play Go, Chrome and Files Go.
These apps will occupy very little space. Apps can be used effortlessly without putting too much pressure on the hardware. As a result, battery backup can be found more and the device will not be slow.

Developers will be able to create a platform for this platform as well. In addition, the majority of Android apps on Android support the Android GO platform.

All the phones that have Android GO phones
Google is working with different smartphone companies to reach Android users.

Android GO OS is available on various brands including Alcatel, Nokia, General Mobile, Lava, Micromax, Asus, Huawei.

Some of the devices powered by this OS are: Alcatel 1X, AsusGenphone Live L1, JTE Tempo Go, Lava Z50 Nokia 1, Huawei Y3 (018), General Mobile GM8 Go, Microma

*      Conclusion:

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