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WiFi router using proper method step by step 2018

•    WiFi router using proper method step by step 2018 -19

Many of us use home based Wi-Fi router to get fast internet services. But many users of the router are heard complaining  the speed of the WiFi is low. Internet works slow. For this, they blame the internet service provider for harassing them. But the speed of the internet is dependent on wifi  router usage. Because of this, there are some things to keep in mind when using the wifi  router when the internet is running low.
  • WiFi Router using proper method 2018 full guide:

1. Do not keep the wifi router on the floor:

 You can leave the router size used in any home anywhere. For this reason many people kept the router on the floor. Do not forget this work. Because of the fact that the signal will spread on the floor instead of going to the mobile or laptop.

2. Keeping the wifi router in the open space:

 Many keep the router in the inside of the board or in the shelf for fear of dirt, water or break. The router is absolutely inappropriate to use. Because the internet signal does not reach the desired device.

3.wifi  Router's location:

 It must be remembered that the Wi-Fi signal is reached on a specific device at its own speed. For this reason, the router should be positioned in such a way that the signal reaches directly to the device. Keep the router in the middle point so that the signal in the corner of the house is available.

4. Keep away from the electronics device wifi router:

Many keep the computer fast for computers. Do not do it at all. Because television, kitchen electric appliances, computers obstruct the router's signal or weaken signals.

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