YouTube New Feature 2019 :YouTube will tell how long the video has been watched


Video watching platforms are you spending a lot of time on YouTube. But after calculating how much time is spent, it's a lot complicated. So the platform has come up with a new feature.



YouTube New Feature :YouTube will tell how long the video has been watched


The new feature will tell how long a user watched the video. Recently, YouTube officially announced the new feature.

From the 'Time Watch' option on YouTube, users will be able to know the total number of videos, including the week, every week. However, the user must be logged in with the YouTube account.

YouTube user histories take information about viewing time. So if the user deleted the video history from the user's account then it would not be as accurate.

The feature is not yet reached to all users. It will be gradually reached, said YouTube authorities.

Meanwhile, the compulsory advertising range is being increased in the YouTube video. It can be closed when watching the ad video. Increase the amount of advertising. As a result content generator revenue will increase

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