This is the common question in 2019. We want Earn money online. But we don’t know how to earn money online ? Many easy way to you can earn money online.

Make money on quora

 Today I will tell you 3 simple way to earn money on Quora. Some people ask me ... Are you joking? No man it’s true . You can earn money using qoura.

 OK Now ask me how To make money on qoura? Ok follow this article Carefully. 

What is Quora ?

 Quora is the best question answer site in the world.
 Where people asked question and also other people answer the question . They share their important knowledge, And they solve their problem . Single word quora is the Problem. Solution platform.

Where people share their problem and other people help to solve the problem. Qoura have 500 milion monthly active users. Huge traffic drive in the quora . Now you know what is qoura ? Question is how I can earn money quora ? Wait wait .... Give me a Sec ...

  Easy ways to make money using quora :

 Now i will give Short description about 4 ways you can using qoura and make money online. This 4 ways is deffrent ways. It’s totally deffrent but You choose any method you can earn money online. But whice method is the best I will tell down the post in conclusion . 

 1. Monitize your link 2: Affiliate marketing 3: Own blog 4: Sell your own product This 4 method you can use and earn money online.
 Now I will tell about 4 method with details.

Make money on quora

 • Monitize Your link :

first of all you need to know What is traffic ? I belive traffic = Money. When you have lot of traffic you can earn money easily. So qoura is the best way to get free traffic. Some trusted url shortner website give you money using their link. When you use their link and people click the link. You get some $ . Like 1000 link click = 5$ Deffrent website give deffrent amount.

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 EXAMPLE: John put her link on quora and he Daily Earn 4$( Low ) 4/30=120$ per month. But how to put my link on quora ? It’s very simple way GO to the google trend and find trend topic and and answer the trend question and naturally put your “Link url” I think you can use this method you can earn Monthly 500$ . “What is the best Link shortner Website ? etc. I hope you enjoy this method and earn more money.

 • Affiliate marketing:

 This is another passive income method in online. You can choose this method. If you choose affiliate marketing your income going like rocket. It’s very profitable method.

 What is affiliate marketing ? Affiliate marketing the technique Sell other company product and you get some commission. Just sign up affiliate program and choose your product and sell this product get your commission its very simple. What is benefit of affiliate marketing ? Because it’s profitable and very simple. No need your own product no shipping problem. Just Get affiliate link and promote your link . You can promote your link on qoura. It’s free and working.

Make money on quora

 How to promote affiliate link on quora ? Quora is the best place to promote your link. You can promote your link free or paid. 2 method is available in qoura. But I recommend 1st you choose free method . Go to the quora and search your product relevant question and answer their question or give solutions their problem. Naturally put your affiliate link in your answer( Don’t be spam ). I hope you can sell your product easily. But remember Do hard work. Because affiliate income is passive income.

 Example: Your product price 100$ Your commission 20% Now your commission is 20$ Your daily sale minimum 10 /20$ = 300$ Your monthly income = ( Please you calculate) What is the best affiliate program ? Lot of best affiliate program available in the online. You find out the best affiliate program. But don’t worry I can help you. I will provide best 3 affiliate program link. 1: Amazon2: ZVzoo 3: Click bank

 • Own blog: 

I am sure, You know what is blogging? What is blog ? Blogging is the best way earn money online and long time you can earn from a blog. Personally I know some people. Their earning monthly 1k-2k $ per month. You can starting blogging. It’s free or paid 2 option is available.

But I recommend free option “ Start a blog Earn money safely” How I can earn own blog using qoura: Wait 1st I have one question for you. You know what is blogging ? Your ans is yes . Then continue...

 We know traffic is the king for Blogging. When you have lot of traffic in your website or blog. Then you start earning. How put my link on quora ? It’s very easy. Find your niche related question and answer naturally. And put link on your answer.

 Conclusion: Hey, I thought you understood my all methods. These all method is very Profitable method for Earn money online.     

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